A series on the custom tools we created that aids us in designing at scale at Frost.

There are trivial activities that look inconsequential when you are small but are administratively complicated when magnified at scale. Things like following a base 8 spacing guide. Or ensuring that the distance between two distinct elements will always be consistent across multiple screens. Or making all text elements vertically centered…

This is it! The moment I’ve waited and wanted to say for a very long time.

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I’m bidding web design and development goodbye! Well, the communication kind of website — that is. Yup! No more Wordpress, Drupal, SEO, and stuff like that. We, Frost, is exiting that business.


This pensive decision comes with a solace yet unwavering resolve that we are doing the right thing…

Design Operations is more than just having a Design System in place.

Creating systems to manage and tame the chaos


Operationalize you design practice by looking at:

  • Craft — Revolves around the depth and breadth of your team’s technical abilities to transform ideas into forms and shapes.
  • Collaboration — Centers around how you work with someone (work dynamics), how you communicate to them (communication protocols), and how you compromise and…

A process requires effective communication to work — for one, it’s a form of communication that intends to achieve a consistent result.

Linga Franca — a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose…


Start by creating a unified definition of your vocabularies. Be explicit and illustrate them with visual and vivid examples. Put your process in writing. Write what you actually do and not the things you want to do. Your process is organizational dependent. Don’t shoehorn process that’s unnatural to the way…

An inside look in the belly of the beast. How we created a process from scratch to design at scale.


Background and Context

In a nutshell, we run Frost more like manufacturing rather than creative service. We have to change the way we do things to deliver at scale without increasing the number of people we need to hire.

We can dissect everything because we track everything we do — literally everything. From…

John Paul De Guzman

Chief Creative and Founder of Frost Design & Consulting Group — Manila based design agency. Entrepreneur, Designer & Father

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